New Products 2003



Extra 330S

Ready to Fly

Our new,  full fiberglass,  Extra 330 is the ultimate aerobat following the motto "Big is Beautiful".  Built to a scale of 1:2.2 giving a wingspan of 130 inches (330cm), the Extra is most impressive both in size and performance.

 Using carbon/kevlar composite techniques has enabled us to provide prospective pilots with a highly competitive, lightweight and sturdy airframe that is also suitable for "Sunday" flying.  In terms of flight performance and handling, our Extra 330 emulates the full-sized aircraft in every way!  The "Laws of Physics" do not seem to apply to this model!

 3-D flight has never been easier!


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Panther F9



The Panther F9 was developed in the beginning of the 1950's and placed into service by the U.S. Services in the Korean conflict.  The outstanding flight characteristics qualified it as the first jet aircraft for the famous Blue Angels Navy Aerobatic team.


We have devloped the F9 to a scale of 1:5 from original drawings with all rivets and details, speed-brakes, dive-brakes and flaps.  To help reduce building time, the air ducting and the CNC milled formers are pre-installed "in-the-mold".  Easy access to the turbine is accomplished thru the removable top hatch.

 As an accessory, we offer a scale retract-gear set with, in our L-39 Albatros proven, pneumatic drum brake system. 

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Suchoj SU-26MX


With the success of our 2 and 2.6 meter models, the writing was on the wall: A BIGGER ONE MUST FOLLOW!!


And here she is!!  The ULTIMATE acrobat with the incomparable characteristics brought about thru the use of a radial engine, our Su-26MX with a wingspan of 315cm (124 in.).  Competition-proven by Werner Url in the European Akro-Cup series, this machine is a "MUST HAVE" for every Sukhoi fan.

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ASK 21


The ASK 21 tandem-seat glider is in service with many soaring clubs as a school-glider.  It is also certified for mild aerobatics to include inside loops, inverted flight, stall turn, lazy-eight, controlled rolls, hochgezogene Rollenkurve, Aufschwung, und hochgezogene Fahrtkurven.


This model, built to the  scale of 1:2.5, results in an airframe with a wingspan of 680cm (268 in. - That's 22ft. 4in. Bob!!) and a length of 334cm (131.5 in.). The model, once in its element with its  gigantic proportions, enthuses and inspires both thermal and aerobatic fans with her well-mannered flight characteristics.

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