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electric retracts

Video: electric retracts


New product 2013, now available: 

Electric drive for each AIRWORLD Jet- and Warbird- landing-gear




The advantage of landing-gears powered by electricity is obvious! 

The disadvantage of a general upgrade solution also……                                                                          

Therefore we afford especially for our landing-gears and flight models developed drives to ourcustomers:                                                               

Plug and Play….                                                                                                                                                    

- Considers installation circumstances                                                                                                                      

- Mechanical sufficiently dimensioned and aligned to resist occurring forces                    

- Predefined electronics including Doorsequenzer            

- Triggering of all functions of the landing gear through one channel of the receiver                                                                                                                                                     

- Battery via on-board power supply possible   

The connection of the electric motor to the landing gear mechanic is constructed for everyday life. The mechanic components have a sufficient dimension and they are provided with a safety margin. This fact guarantees a high lifetime and long service-cycles.                                                                                                                                                   

The triggering of the electric motor ensues over one decentralised motor-electric per landing-gear. All main functions can be adjusted at the motor-electric. The travel-range is observed electronically. As a function for emergency a power cut is integrated! The servos for the landing-gear doors are also connected to the motor-electric.                                                   

For any additional features a service-software will be provided. The transmission to the motor control takes place over a standard adapter cable. There are no other programming-devices necessary.                                           

The operating voltage designed for 11,1 V (3S-Lipo) .Through the low level of power consumption (idling app.. 40 /under load- ca. 500 mah)  the landing-gear can be powered by the battery of the turbines. A separated power supply is also possible with a 4S-Lipo battery.        

Introductory price:                                                                       

The surcharge for a electric powered 3-leg - landing - gear amounts € 669,-                                                                         

The delivery ensues programmed and ready for use .                                                                         

Ask for the upgrade possibilities for your AIRWORLD - landing-gear                                                 


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